Webcast: Living on the edge


Watch PensionsFirst's webcast to see how sponsors, trustees and advisers can leverage technology to make informed decisions on their scheme's assets and liabilities.



Webcast: Bridging the information gap

Presenter: Fiona Page, CTO PensionsFirst
Pension schemes perpetually live on the edge of a precipice. While improved economic conditions offer the opportunity to navigate the funding gap and take risk off the table, companies are thrown into the jaws of a greater abyss - the information gap.

Sponsors, trustees and advisers still struggle to make informed decisions about how to de-risk schemes due to a lack of timely and accurate information on their scheme's assets and liabilities.

Yet there is an answer. PensionsFirst's webcast discusses how technology - such as their unique business intelligence platform PFaroe - can plug this information gap, providing schemes with a more comprehensive understanding of their risk profile, and put them in a stronger position to take advantage of market opportunities to reduce risk as and when they arise.

Specifically, the webcast discusses how technology can aid the pensions industry to make rapid improvements in:

  • Assessing risk transfer options
  • Defining better investment strategies
  • Understanding balance-sheet impacts
  • Efficiently delivering required reporting
  • Providing consistent and accurate information to all stakeholders

In today’s challenging economic and regulatory environment, pension schemes can scarcely afford to fall into the information gap.

Watch the webcast to see how technology is being leveraged to bridge the information gap.


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