Pension master trusts: The list of providers


Professional Pensions has compiled a list charting the progress of master trust authorisation. View our list in full here...

38 master trusts have now been authorised, including one new master trust.

Schemes had until the end of March to apply, or they would have been forced to wind up and transfer members to an authorised scheme, unless they had agreed an extension with the regulator.

By the start of May, 44 schemes had said they would exit the market, or already had exited the market, according to The Pensions Regulator (TPR).

We have compiled a list charting the progress of master trust authorisation, listing the master trusts currently in the market and flagging up those who have applied for authorisation or exited the market.

Can you help us keep this list up to date?

The list we have, as of 12 December, is as follows - please send additions or amendments to [email protected]

DC master trusts:

Master trusts that have been authorised...

  1. The Aegon Master Trust (formerly the BlackRock Master Trust)
  2. Aspire Savings Trust
  3. Atlas Master Trust (Capita Employee Benefits)
  4. The Aon MasterTrust
  5. The Aviva Master Trust (formerly the Friends Life Master Trust)
  6. The Baptist Pension Scheme
  7. BCF Pension Trust
  8. Bluesky Pension Scheme (Evolve Pensions)
  9. The Carey Workplace Pension Trust
  10. The Cheviot Trust
  11. Combined Nuclear Pension Plan
  12. Creative Pension Trust (Creative Auto Enrolment)
  13. The Crystal Trust (Evolve Pensions)
  14. Ensign
  15. FCA Pension Plan
  16. Fidelity Master Trust
  17. HSBC Master Trust
  18. Industry-Wide Defined Contribution Section of the Railways Pension Scheme
  19. The ITB Pension Funds
  20. The Legal & General WorkSave Mastertrust (net pay)
  21. The Legal & General WorkSave Mastertrust (relief at source)
  22. The Lewis Workplace Pension Trust
  23. LifeSight (Willis Towers Watson)
  24. The Mercer Master Trust
  25. National Employment Savings Trust (NEST)
  26. National Pension Trust (XPS Pensions Group) 
  27. Now Pensions
  28. The People's Pension (B&CE)
  29. Salvus Master Trust (Goddard Perry Consulting)
  30. Scottish Widows Master Trust (formerly the Zurich Master Trust)
  31. SEI Master Trust
  32. Smart Pension
  33. Standard Life Defined Contribution Master Trust (Standard Life)
  34. Stanplan A (Standard Life)
  35. TPT Retirement Solutions
  36. The University of Oxford Staff Pension Scheme
  37. USS Investment Builder (USS Superannuation Scheme)
  38. Workers Pension Trust

Master trusts exiting the market…

Mergers so far…

DB master trusts:

Professional Pensions is also looking to compile a list of DB master trusts... So far, we have the below - please let us know if you have any amends.

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