PP Rising Star Awards 2024: Nominees revealed!

People have been nominated in their hundreds for this year’s awards

Professional Pensions
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PP Rising Star Awards 2024: Nominees revealed!

Here it is… The full list of the individuals and organisations that have been nominated for the 5th annual Rising Stars Awards.

Congratulations to all the individuals and organisations that were nominated.

Professional Pensions will now be contacting those who have been nominated who will be asked to complete a questionnaire, which is required to progress to the next round.

Nominees will be contacted shortly with details of the categories they have been nominated in, as well as the next steps in the process.

The deadline for the questionnaire to be submitted is 14 June.

An expert panel of judges will decide the winners in each category taking into account achievements in the workplace/role, challenges faced, evidence of contributions to support and inspire those beginning their career in pensions, and the overall quality of the submission.

To find out more about the awards, criteria and categories, visit the PP Rising Star Awards website.

The individual category nominees are as follows:


Aaron Chand (Broadstone), Abbie McColl (Broadstone), Abbie Rice (Barnett Waddingham), Abhishree Kabra (Mercer), Abigail Cohen (Standard Life), Adam D'Souza (Mercer), Adam Holtom (Barnett Waddingham), Adam Rheinberg (LGIM), Adam Whitehead (IGG), Aditya Shah (Newton Investment Management), Aditya Yanamandra (Mercer), Adrian Marchant (Isio Group), Adun Obadeyi (EY), Aidan Quinn (Russell Investments), Aidan West (Dalriada Trustees), Aimee Buchanan (Isio Group), Akifur Rahman (XPS), Alan Greenlees (Zedra), Alana Parks (TWM Financial Planning), Aleena Ilyas (WTW), Alex Beecraft (Aon), Alex Clark (LCP), Alex Geere (Mercer), Alex Glynn (Cardano Investment), Alex Goddard (Mercer), Alex Khosla (Newton Investment Management), Alex Lane (Eversheds Sutherland (International)), Alex Saul (LCP), Alex Tebbutt (Isio), Alex Tomlinson (CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang), Ali Corris (Mercer), Alice Allen (Mercer), Alice Curry (Broadstone), Alicia Taylor (Broadstone), Alina Cipco (Brightwell), Alison Beattie (Hymans Robertson), Amanda Asante (Independent Governance Group (IGG)), Amanda Boult (Aon), Amanda Croly (XPS Pensions Group), Amelia Barnes (Trafalgar House), Amelia Rafter (RSM), Amy Priestly (LCP), Amy Sutherland (Hymans Robertson), Amy Taylor (Barnett Waddingham), Amy Thompson (LCP), Andre Ranchin (Hymans Robertson), Andreas Vermeiren (Cardano), Andrew Kyles (Barnett Waddingham), Andrew Reid (BlackRock), Andrew Short (Hymans Robertson), Andrew Walton (WTW), Andy Cox (PPF), Andy George (LCP), Aneesa Rehmanji (Isio), Aneliese Sweeney (Pension Protection Fund), Angela Burns (Spence & Partners), Angela Stokes (Dalriada Trustees), Anna Hicks (LCP), Anna King (Barnett Waddingham), Annamaria Toth (Barnett Waddingham), Anne-Marie Morris (LGIM), Anthony Chow (EY), Anushka Katailiha (LCP), Aqib Merchant (Russell Investments), Archie Lawes (Barnett Waddingham), Arlene Eves (Pinsent Masons), Asha Suresh (Mercer), Ashley Fraser (Buck, a Gallagher Company), Avinash Harkison (Isio), Bang Hoang (Independent Governance Group (IGG)), Barry Bailie (Capita (Teachers' Pensions), Beau Flanaghan (Broadstone Corporate Benefits), Ben Alcock (Hymans Robertson), Ben Fox (Hymans Robertson), Ben Millar (Gallagher), Ben Phipps (Mercer), Ben Salmons (Vidett), Benjamin Alcock (Hymans Robertson), Benjamin Kilner (WTW), Bernardo Lima (Smart Pension), Beth Anderson (Capita), Bethany Goss (Surrey Pension Fund), Bill Nicholson (Polen Capital), Bob Young (Isio), Bobbie Yoong (Legal & General), Brad McDonald (Barnett Waddingham), Caitlin McPherson (Hymans Robertson), Callum Rigney (Broadstone Corporate Benefits), Calum Edgar (Van Lancschot Kempen), Cara Gordan (Mercer), Carla Errington (TPT Retirement Solutions), Carmel Williams (Travers Smith), Caroline Cavanagh (XPS), Catherine Ryder (WTW), Cecily Harmer (XPS Pensions), Celine Adams (EY), Celine Mather-Franks (Foot Anstey), Charles Smith (WTW), Charles Taylor (Isio), Charlie Wood (WTW), Charlotte David (Cardano), Charlotte McCrone (Capita Pension Solutions), Charlotte Moss (Pinsent Masons), Charlotte Povey (BlackRock), Charlotte Quarmby (Aon), Charlotte Watson (Barnett Waddingham), Chirag Jasani (Isio), Chloe Leslie (ndapt), Chloe Robinson (Mercer), Chloe Tang (LCP), Chloe Taylor (Zedra Inside Pensions), Chris Arcari (Hymans Robertson), Chris Bell (TPT Retirement Solutions), Chris Edwards-Earl (Stephenson Harwood), Chris Marchmont (Aon), Chris Pegrum (Barnett Waddingham), Christhian Nunez (WTW), Christina Williams (Hymans Robertson), Christine Kerr (Barnett Waddingham), Christy Wharton (WTW), Cindy Lo (XPS Pensions Group), Claire Barnes (Vidett), Claire Madden (Mercer), Claire Rees (Barnett Waddingham), Clare Caswell (Dalriada Trustees), Clare Kember (Independent Governance Group (IGG)), Claudia Smith (WTW), Claudia Taylor (LCP), Clothilde Charles (NEST), Connor Clarke (Michael J Field Consulting Actuaries), Conor McGleenon (XPS Pensions Group), Curtis Mitchell (Vidett), Daisy King (Mercer), Daniel Coombes (People's Partnership), Daniel Cunnington (Mercer), Daniel Farquhar (Mercer), Daniel Gallagher (Mercer), Daniel Golson (Capita Pension Solutions), Daniel Walsh (Zedra), Daniella Farsiani (Eversheds Sutherland), Danielle Lecomber (St. James's Place), Danni Kelman (XPS Pensions), David Drury (XPS), David Fargie (RSM), David Hale (Barnett Waddingham), David Hodgson (Surrey Pension Fund), David Potts (Spence & Partners), David Thompson (Aon), Deborah Wardle (Mercer), Declan Gegg (WTW), Deepali Shah (Hymans Robertson), Dhyan Trivedi (WTW), Dianthi Edirisooriya (LCP), Dmitry Fedkiv (Broadstone), Dweenisha Caleechurn (PwC), Dylan Dixon (Barnett Waddingham)


Ed Beavis (Dalriada Trustees), Ed Mackenzie (Barnett Waddingham), Ed Severs (WTW), Edd Collins (WTW), Edward Whiteley (XPS), Edwin Wilson (Isio), Eleanor Osborn (Mercer), Elizabeth Edwards (Mercer), Ellen Wallace (LCP), Ellie Armstrong (Barnett Waddingham), Ellie Donovan (Legal & General), Ellie Taylor (WTW), Elliott Wright (Broadstone), Eloise Mountford (Barnett Waddingham), Emily Harper (LCP), Emily Nichols (WTW), Emily Rowley (Sackers), Emily Webster (Capita Pension Solutions), Emma Barry (Railpen), Emma Bourne (Zedra), Emma Coleman (XPS Pensions Group), Emma Crawford (Hymans Robertson), Emma Foster (Hymans Robertson), Emma Hudson (Isio), Emma King (Eversheds Sutherland), Emma Moore (Aon), Emma Roberts (Dalriada Trustees), Emma Rubenstein (Pension Protection Fund), Fay Robinson (Dalriada Trustees), Faye Clark (XPS Pensions Group), Femi Adigun (Phoenix Group), Fiona Smith (Smart Pension), Fiona Hardaker (LCP), Fiona Jaffray (Legal & General), Fiona Wood (Barnett Waddingham), Fiona Wright (Barnett Waddingham), Francesca James (WTW), Fraser Weir (XPS Pensions Group), Gabriel Orme (Mercer), Gary Gallacher (Isio), Gemma Hyland (Barnett Waddingham), George Crowdy (Royal London Asset Management), George Cumner (Mercer), George Currie (LCP), George Vinod (Van Lanschot Kempen), Georgia Haddon (Mercer), Georgia Lewis (Isio), Georgina Cooper (Newton Investment Management), Georgina Smith (LCP), Gerrard Goodes (Barnett Waddingham), Grace Reynolds (Barnett Waddingham), Greg Foggitt (LCP), Gregory Hall (Mercer), Hannah Crisp (XPS Pensions Group), Hannah Dalziel (LCP), Hannah De Groot (Russell Investments), Hannah Marshall (Hymans Robertson), Hannah Rhodes (Broadstone), Hannah Smithson (Barnett Waddingham), Hannah Street (Timms Wealth Management), Hannah Traylen (XPS Pensions), Hannah Young (RSM), Harriet Burchett (Eversheds Sutherland), Harriet Sayer (Travers Smith), Harry Bridger (Brightwell), Harry Henrick (WTW), Hattie Hughes (Mazars Financial Planning), Hayley Gibson (Hymans Robertson), Heather Boucher (WTW), Heather Lucas (Pinsent Masons), Helen Kay (Broadstone), Helen Ross-Smith (Mercer), Henry Dyer (WTW), Hettie Scriven-Seager (LGIM), Hugh Carrington (XPS Pensions Group), Hugo Harrison (Rothesay), Humphrey Galbraith (WTW)


Iain Campbell (Hymans Robertson), Ian Blake (Legal & General Investment Management), Ian Horn (Muzinich & Co), Ian Jones (Broadstone), Ian Loring (Legal and General), Ifrah Khalid (Broadstone), Ingle West (Mercer), Isabella Hughes (LGIM), Isabella Rees-Evans (LCP), Isla Gamble (Hymans Robertson), Isobel Southworth (WTW), Jack Brammar (XPS), Jack Dallen (Cartwright), Jack Maile (Mercer), Jack Stanley (Barnett Waddingham), Jack Timlin (Rothesay), Jacob Bowman (Isio), Jacob Daldry (Mercer), Jacob Longley (Broadstone), Jade Norwood (Smart Pension), Jade Rigby (Hogan Lovells), Jake Bedford (Barnett Waddingham), Jake Churchill (IGG), Jake Smith (Hymans Robertson), James Allinson (EY), James Hampson (Mercer), James Hawkins (Isio), James Kidd (XPS Pensions Group), James Lindley (Broadstone), James Milan (Trafalgar House), James Rennison (Barnett Waddingham), James Stewart (XPS Investment), James Thompson (Isio), James Tillyer (Isio), Jamie Eden (Barnett Waddingham), Jamie Kimber (WTW), Jasbinder Sidhu (People's Partnership), Jasdeep Bhachu (Hymans Robertson), Jasmine Lau (Aon), Jasmine Turner (Legal & General), Jason Thomas (Legal And General), Jay Malkani (Isio), Jebreel Hussein (LGPS Central), Jen Norris (Isio), Jenna Hull (Van Lanschot Kempen), Jennifer Atthey Atthey (Isio), Jennifer Webb (Smart Pension), Jenny Holt (Capita Sparks), Jessica Clayson (Lane Clark & Peacock), Jim Heal (XPS Pensions Group), Joanne Holden (IGG), Jodie Greenway (Legal & General), Jodie Saunders (Pension Protection Fund), Joe Ireland (IGG), Joe Swindlehurst (Pension Protection Fund), John Coombes (Surrey Pension Fund), John Waddon (Barnett Waddingham), Jonathan Cross (Mercer), Jonathan Dennis (Newton Investment Management), Jonathan Rawnsley (XPS Pensions Group), Jonny Urwin (Newton Investment Management), Julian Chiu (Broadstone), Jun Nakamaru-Pinder (WTW), Kaithlin Jones (Barnett Waddingham), Kalpesh Mistry (EY), Kamel Mallat (Railpen), Karen Sahota (Travers Smith), Karishma Mulji (Peoples Partnership), Katherine Kitt (IGG), Katherine Lodge (Pinsent Masons), Katherine McLoughlin (LCP), Katie Imeson (LCP), Katie Krawciw (Isio), Katie MacKinnon (TWM Financial Planning), Katie Millard (CMS), Katie Walker (LCP), Katie Worrell (LGIM), Katy Dennington (XPS), Kay Brain (Zedra Inside Pensions), Kayleigh Sodhi (Deloitte), Kelly Hurren (Aon), Kevin Richardson (Mercer), Kim Nash (Zedra Governance), Kira Wright (Peoples Partnership), Koko Lotharukpong (LCP), Krystie Waterhouse (Wiltshire Pension Fund (administered by Wiltshire Council)), Lale Akoner (Newton Investment Management), Laura Cain (Mercer), Laura Johnson (XPS Pensions Group), Laura Karam (LCP), Laura Maginn (XPS), Laura Smieja (XPS Pensions Administration), Laura Tuffnell (Broadstone Corporate Benefits), Laura Watson (Zedra), Laura-Jane Henderson (LCP), Lauren Johnson (Mercer), Leah Magee (XPS Pensions Group), Leanne Coomber (Dalriada Trustees), Lee Bacon (Peoples Partnership), Lesley Smith (Isio), Lewis Drew (IGG), Liam O'Neill (RSMUK), Lianna Spalding (Penny Technology), Liz Donell (Barnett Waddingham), Lizzie Stone (TLT), Lori Jones-Rogers (People's Partnership), Louis Dent (Pension Protection Fund), Louis Reddington (Aon), Louise Spencer (People's Partnership), Lucy Bignell (Barnett Waddingham), Lucy Bueno (Peoples Partnership), Lucy Young (Mazars Financial Planning), Luke Pritchard (Smart Pension), Lydia Smart (WTW)


Maciej Przezdziek (WTW), Madhurima Ravishankar (RSM), Mair Bunyan (WTW), Malwina Strugala (Hymans Robertson), Marc Barnett (Cushon), Marcus Pollitt (Aon), Marcus Ramsell (Craven Street Wealth), Maria Protopapa (WTW), Mariyum Mahmood (CMS), Mark Cheung (Isio), Mark Eastall (WTW), Mark Fenlon (Standard Life), Mark Irish (Isio), Mark Negodyuk (WTW), Mark Tighe (Hymans Robertson), Marta Barcojo Carrasco (LCP), Martin Coelho (Hymans Robertson), Martin Sabev (WTW), Martin Wigfield (Zatori Consulting), Maryam Wright (Dalriada Trustees), Mat Witherwick (LCP), Matt Crook Sycamore (LCP), Matt Dodds (Capita Pension Solutions), Matt Foley (EY), Matt Hawtin (LCP), Matt Lee (Barnett Waddingham), Matt Lyons (People's Partnership), Matt Raymond (Barnett Waddingham), Matt Simms (Mercer), Matthew Crighton (Mercer), Matthew Gadsby (Isio), Matthew Leitao (Mercer), Matthew Mayhew (TPT Retirement Solutions), Matthew Norris (Brightwell), Matthew Smith (Barnett Waddingham), Matthew Smith (Isio), Matthew Thomson (Hymans Robertson), Matthew Thorpe (Wiltshire Pension Fund), Maurice Speer (Mercer), Max Burt (WTW), Meera Devlia (Hymans Robertson), Meg Kenny (Barnett Waddingham), Megan Facey (Hymans Robertson), Megan Golding (Broadstone), Megan Lai (Hymans Robertson), Melissa Knapton (WTW), Mhairi Gooch (Hymans Robertson), Michael Hayes (Mercer), Michael Sargent (Broadstone Corporate Benefits), Mike Bulmer (Mercer), Miranda Bond (CMS), Mohammed Ibrahim (Hymans Robertson), Molly Green (XPS Pensions Group), Molly Tinker (WTW), Morgan Edwards (Barnett Waddingham), Mostafa Nasim (Hymans Robertson), Nadia Begum (EY), Naina Gajjar (Smart Pension), Nancy Last (Newton Investment Management), Natalie Morrison (WTW), Nathan Buckley (Broadstone Corporate Benefits), Nathan Tozer (Barnett Waddingham), Nathaniel Martin (XPS Pensions Group), Naz Nosrati (Ocaris Wealth Management), Nell McRae (Hymans Robertson), Niall Bradley (Barnett Waddingham), Nichola Price (Mercer), Nick Fok (Barnett Waddingham), Nick Page (Mercer), Nick Self (Mercer), Nicole Elsom (Brightwell), Nieran Deivamani (LCP), Nikhil Gupta (Broadstone Corporate Benefits), Nikola Sudol (XPS Pensions Group), Nimisha Sodha (Just Group Plc), Nirojana Shanthakumar (WTW), Nk Ezepue (XPS), Nursen An (Isio), Oliver Ashworth (XPS Pensions Group), Oliver Liddington (Mercer), Oliver Taylor (XPS), Oliver Wilcocks (Legal & General), Olivia Buah (LCP), Olivia Padfield (PwC), Olivia Westwood (Barnett Waddingham), Ollie Allen (XPS Investment), Panashe Bera (Van Lanschot Kempen), Parth Mannikar (Willis Towers Watson), Patrick Singleton (XPS Pensions), Paul Heaney (Aon), Paul Tinslay (Dalriada Trustees), Penny Cochrane (Hymans Robertson), Peter Jackson (Barnett Waddingham), Peter Shaw (LCP), Phillip Hall (SPP), Phoebe Hickling (CMS), Priya Jassal (EY), Priya Patel (Lane Clark & Peacock), Rachael Barber (Peoples Partnership), Rachel Barrack (Hymans Robertson), Rachel Lowrey (People's Partnership), Rachel Moore (ZEDRA Inside Pensions), Rachel Pegrum (Barnett Waddingham), Rachel Thomas (People's Partnership), Rachele Carraro (Mintago), Rachika Cooray (Lane Clark & Peacock), Rafaella Konstantinou (Isio Group), Rashree Chhatrisha (SAGA), Rebecca Helme (XPS Pensions Group), Rebecca Peake (Aon), Rebecca Self (Mercer), Rebecca Stirling (RSM UK Audit), Rebecca White (XPS Pensions Group), Reuben Rodgers (Barnett Waddingham), Rhian Littlewood (Standard Life), Rhianna McCullough-Bray (Mercer), Rhys Keeling (WEALTH at work), Richard Bacon (Eversheds Sutherland), Richard Foden (IFGL Pensions), Richard Goldring (Smart Pension), Richard Orford (Barnett Waddingham), Richard Ward (Brightwell), Roanna Milligan (Mercer), Rob Spencer (Redington), Rob Young (EY), Robbie Adair (Scottish Widows), Robbie Sinnott (Mercer), Robert Armstrong (Aon), Robert Kotlar (Hymans Robertson), Robert Shaw (Hymans Robertson), Robyn Smith (Broadstone), Roopa Ghedia (WTW), Rosanne Hossack (Zedra Inside Pensions), Rosie Hadden (LCP), Ross MacLeod (Hymans Robertson), Rossella Carletti (Barnett Waddingham), Roxanne George (Legal & General), Ryan Ellis (Mercer), Ryan McKenna (WTW), Ryan Simmons (RSM UK)


Saanvi Vasudevan (LCP), Sally Crudge (Aon), Sam Atherton (Buck, A Gallagher Company), Sam Marney (People's Partnership), Samantha Purvis (XPS), Samuel Hampton (Hymans Robertson), Santi Bicchieri (CMS), Sara Summerscales (Pinsent Masons), Sarah Bamford-Blackman (Capita Pension Solutions), Sarah Kassmi (Barnett Waddingham), Sarah Long (WEALTH at work), Sarban Hoonjan (Isio Group), Sean Campbell (Spence and Partners), Selina Tran (EY), Shana Alam-Alderson (WTW), Shannon Flynn (Broadstone), Shantal Brito (EY), Shaun Nicol (Hymans Robertson), Shay Owode (Vidett), Shelly Sandhu (Isio), Shriti Jadav (WTW), Simon Evans (CMS), Sinead Prendergast (Newton Investment Management), Sophie Cameron (EY), Sophie Cooper (Barnett Waddingham), Sophie Tennison (WTW), Sophie Weston (WTW), Sophie Young (Mercer), Stefan Chilom (Hymans Robertson), Stella King (XPS Administration), Stephanie Shields (Peoples's Partnership), Stephanie Williamson (Pension Protection Fund), Stephanos Isodiou (Isio), Stephen Graham (Plumbing Pensions UK Administration), Stephen Jasinski (Hymans Robertson), Stephen Maynard (TPT), Stephen McIlwraith (Hymans Robertson), Stephen Ronald (Cardano), Sterling O'Donohue (Mercer), Stewart Murphy (Pinsent Masons), Struan Paton (Hymans Robertson), Stuart Slegg (Just Group), Suchi Dench (Mercer), Suneet Sidhu (WTW), Tannaz Rastegar (Capita Pension Solutions), Tasneem Rahman (Mercer), Taylor Thompson (PwC), Teri Viney (Isio), Tess Ward (WTW), Thomas Bates (CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang), Thomas Caron (Hymans Robertson), Thomas Greeves (EY), Thomas Taylor (EY), Tianna Patel (Hymans Robertson), Tim Denton (Cardano), Tim Honey (LCP), Timon Kotsapas (WTW), Tom Bacon (Mercer), Tom Croft (XPS Administration), Tom Farrington (LGIM), Tom Green (Travers Smith), Tom Hill (Barnett Waddingham), Tom Jarman (LCP), Tom Muir (WTW), Tom Prince (Hymans Robertson), Tom Warburton (Capita (Teachers' Pensions), Tom Williams (Aon), Tommy Paul (LGIM), Tony Ark (Invesco), Tori Singleton (LCP), Tori Watson (XPS Pensions), Tracey Elms (Peoples Partnership), Varssha Kumaraverl (Mercer), Vicky Casebourne (Van Lanschot Kempen Investment Management), Vicky Heard (Aon), Victoria Baxter (Independent Governance Group), Victoria Hunter (Dalriada Trustees), Victoria Levett (Hymans Robertson), Victoria Panormo (Aviva Workplace), Viktoria Spittler (Capita (Sparks), Wendy Round (Barnett Waddingham), Will Aspinall (EY), Will Harris (WTW), Will Helmke (XPS), William Brammar (Hymans Robertson), William Fox (Barnett Waddingham), Yonghui Li (Isio)

The Team of the Year category nominees are as follows:

Aon's Member Options and Support Team; BlackRock's Institutional DC Team, Broadstone's Administration Team, Broadstone's Investment Consulting Team, Broadstone's Redditch Investment Team, Capita Administration Team 1, Capita Administration Team 2; Dalriada's Pensions Management Team; East Sussex County Council's Pensions Administration Team; East Sussex County Council's Pensions Administration Team; EY Investment Advisory, Hymans Robertson's In-house Team, Isio's DC Investment Team, Lane Clark & Peacock's Pensions Management Consulting Department, NextGen Pensions' Main Committee, Redington's OCIO Advisory Team, Peoples Partnership's Transfer Guidance Team, The PPF's Vulnerable Members Working Group, Redington's Investment Consulting Team, Scottish Widows' Engage Relationship Team, Smart Pension's Change Team, Standard Life's DB Solutions Team, Surrey Pension Fund's Future Benefits Team, XPS Pensions Group's DB2 Team, XPS Pensions Group's Client Communications Team, Charlotte Taylor and the XPS Pensions Group's Administration Team

The nominees for the organisational categories are as follows:

Barnett Waddingham, CMS, Heywood, Hymans Robertson, Independent Governance Group (IGG), Lane Clark & Peacock (LCP), Legal & General Investment Management (LGIM), NextGen Pensions, People's Partnership, RSM, Spence and Partners, Surrey Pension Fund, TPT Retirement Solutions, Wiltshire Pension Fund, WTW, XPS Pensions Group

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