Partner Insight: The evolution of sustainable investing

BlackRock and PensionBee discuss the developments and challenges sustainability are having on pension schemes

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Partner Insight: The evolution of sustainable investing

Sustainability has shifted from the periphery to the heart of pension agendas, and this is now reflected in evolving product offerings.

Tim Hodgson, Head of the UK DC Platforms and Retirement Solutions at BlackRock and Clare Reilly, Chief Engagement Officer at PensionBee, in the podcast series ‘Here for the How', highlight how regulatory and client demands have made sustainability a requirement.

Reflecting how much investor preference has changed, Reilly reveals that even though fossil fuels have retained some appeal, a growing percentage (21%) of their customers are now seeking divestment from oil and gas companies entirely. [1]

There are a growing number of investors wanting to participate in voting decisions and exercise greater oversight over their investments. As a result, BlackRock has been offering tools like voting choice on select eligible funds to empower investors.

To learn more, listen to BlackRock's audiocast