Women in Pensions Awards 2021: Nominees revealed

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Here it is… The full list of the individuals and organisations that have been nominated for the Women in Pensions Awards 2021.


Congratulations to all the individuals and organisations that were nominated.

The Women in Pensions Awards celebrate the achievements of women in a sector where they are still under-represented, and also individuals and firms who have supported and encouraged women to fulfil their potential in the workplace.

We will now be contacting those who have been nominated to ask you to complete a questionnaire, which is required to progress to the next round.

The deadline for questionnaires to be submitted is 3 June. We are also offering a week's entry extension to 10 June, however, please note that entries submitted after 3 June will incur a fee of £99.

An expert panel of judges will decide the winners in each category. Judges will take into account: achievements in the workplace/role; challenges faced; evidence of contributions to support and inspire women; and the overall quality of the submission.

To find out more information about the awards, criteria and categories, visit the Women in Pensions Awards website.

Nominees can make their submissions here.  

The individual category nominees are as follows:

Abigail Elson (XPS Pensions Group), Adele Ray (Legal & General Investment Management), Aimee Leese (Hymans Robertson), Aimee Mulcahy (Willis Towers Watson), Alessia Lenders (Redington), Alexandra McClelland (Russell Investments), Alex Noble (Noble City), Alexandra Chuchu (Russell Investments), Alexandra Mansell (Willis Towers Watson), Alison Barnes (Willis Towers Watson), Alison Beech (JP Morgan), Alison Bostock (PTL), Alison Gartside (Aon), Allyson Gayle (Premier), Amanda Bradley (Barnett Waddingham), Amanda Latham (Barnett Waddingham), Amanda Prest (Willis Towers Watson), Amelia Gaston (LGPS Central), Amy Bayliss (Barnett Waddingham), Amy Dawson (XPS Pensions Group), Amy De Baat (Tesco), Amy Joy (Pension Protection Fund), Amy Mankelow (BT Pension Scheme), Anais Caldwell-Jones (Lane Clark & Peacock), Andrea Collins (Just Group), Andrea North (Trafalgar House Pensions Administration), Andrew Ward (Mercer), Aneesa Rehmanji (Isio), Angela Burns (Spence & Partners), Angela Connally (2020 Trustees), Anita Donaldson (The Pensions Regulator), Ann Postlewhite (XPS Pensions Group), Ann Rigby (BESTrustees), Anna McMullan (Redington), Annabelle Hardiman (Ross Trustees), Anne Walsh (Border to Coast Pensions Partnership), Annie Schmetzer (Willis Towers Watson), Ann-Marie Patterson (LGPS Central), Anran Chan (Redington), Anum Hussain (Pension Protection Fund), Anushka Katailiha (Lane Clark & Peacock), Aoife Keating (Lane Clark & Peacock), Balvinder Aujla (Royal Mail), Beryl Shepherd (BT Pension Scheme), Beth Dunmall (Redington), Bethany Allison (Barnett Waddingham), Brenda Kite (Hymans Robertson), Bronia Widdows (Broadstone), Cadi Thomas (Isio), Caitlin Watson (Dalriada Trustees), Cara Forrest (LGPS Central), Carla Lakey (Lane Clark & Peacock), Carmel Peters (Universities Superannuation Scheme), Carol Bradshaw (Universities Superannuation Scheme), Carolan Dobson (Independent), Caroline Daniel (Buck), Caroline Eccles (Willis Towers Watson), Caroline Escott (RPMI Railpen), Caroline Heath (Universities Superannuation Scheme), Caroline Kurup (CMS), Carolyn Schuster-Woldan (Redington), Carolyn Tsalos (Russell Investments), Cassie Davis (Lane Clark & Peacock), Catalina Jugravescu (Universities Superannuation Scheme), Catherine Fenton (Broadstone), Catherine Lake (Punter Southall), Catherine Ross (M&G), Catherine Smith (Yorkshire Water), Catherine Snape (Isio), Catherine Williams (2020 Trustees), Catriona McDougall (Hymans Robertson), Catriona Murray (Workers Pension Trust), Caz Dunne (XPS Pensions Group), Celene Lee (Buck), Charlotte Cartwright (Eversheds Sutherland), Charlotte Cork (Scottish Widows), Charlotte Gibson (Isio), Charlotte Jones (XPS Pensions Group), Charlotte Taylor (XPS Pensions Group), Christine Hallett (Options UK), Claire Barnes (Barnett Waddingham), Claire Bowyer (Cardano), Claire Curtin (Pension Protection Fund), Claire Dunne (Isio), Claire Fenna (Kellogg's), Claire Gillespie (XPS Pensions Group), Claire Jones (Lane Clark & Peacock), Clare Jackson (Willis Towers Watson), Clare James (PTL), Clare Lloyd-Williams (XPS Pensions Group), Clare Reilly (PensionBee), Clare Robinson (Buck), Clare Routledge (PwC), Cozima Pavel (Buck), Dana Day (2020 Trustees), Danielle Asenjo (Capita), Danielle Klinger (Baker McKenzie), Dawn Watson (Spence & Partners), Debbie Matravers (Barnett Waddingham), Debbie White (Willis Towers Watson), Deborah McWhinney (Mercer), Deborah Wilson (PwC), Demi Ho (Lane Clark & Peacock), Dipti Shah (Isio), Donna Matteucci (Lane Clark & Peacock), Donna McIntyre (XPS Pensions Group), Dweenisha Caleechurn (EY), Elaine Hanna (Wood), Elaine Matthews (Universities Superannuation Scheme), Elaine Torry (Hymans Robertson), Elenor Lovering (Eversheds Sutherland), Eleanor Levy (Now Pensions), Elizabeth Armstrong (Bupa), Elizabeth Bostock (Buck), Elizabeth Fergusson (Spence & Partners), Elizabeth Wise (Barnett Waddingham), Ella Purkiss (Lane Clark & Peacock), Ellen Cusiter (Redington), Ellen Stenton (Broadstone), Ellen Watson-Hicks (Universities Superannuation Scheme), Emily Goodridge (Lincoln Pensions), Emily Nichols (Willis Towers Watson), Emma Adair (Lane Clark & Peacock), Emma Frost (CMS), Emma Garrett (Hymans Robertson), Emma Horsfield (Hymans Robertson), Emma King (Eversheds Sutherland), Emma Matthews (Cardano), Emma Palfreyman (Willis Towers Watson), Emma Singh (Universities Superannuation Scheme), Emma Sorby (Capita), Emma Starbrook (Willis Towers Watson), Erin Hepher (Isio), Eve Keith (UNISON), Fay Knight (BT Pension Scheme), Faye Mullen (Isio), Fiona Miller (Border to Coast Pensions Partnership), Fiona Matthews (Willis Towers Watson), Fiona Simpson (Aon), Francesca Bailey (Lane Clark & Peacock), Francesca James (Willis Towers Watson), Geeta Jethwa (Hymans Robertson), Gemma Coster (PwC), Gemma Millington (Willis Towers Watson), Georgina Davies (Lane Clark & Peacock), Georgina Howes (Pension Protection Fund), Geraldine Brassett (Pension Administration Standards Association/Capita), Geri McMahon (Aon), Govinder Heer (Lincoln Pensions), Greer Flanagan (Hymans Robertson), Hannah Amesbury (XPS Pensions Group), Hannah Coleman (Mercer), Hannah English (Hymans Robertson), Hannah Rickards (Willis Towers Watson), Harj Kaur (LGPS Central), Hasret Blooman (Lane Clark & Peacock), Hayley Goldstone (Pinsent Masons), Hazel Hemmings (Babcock International Group), Hazel Kendrick (Willis Towers Watson), Heather Boucher (Willis Towers Watson), Helen Abbott (Lane Clark & Peacock), Helen Cavanagh (XPS Pensions Group), Helen Gilchrist (Willis Towers Watson), Helen Howell (Lane Clark & Peacock), Helen Miles (Gunnercooke), Helen Smith (RPMI Railpen), Helen Southwell (Barnett Waddingham), Helena Turner (XPS Pensions Group), Hilary Inglis (First Sentier Investors), Hilary Willcox (Smart Pension), Holly Moffat (Lane Clark & Peacock), Holly Nardi (Redington), Holly Wittwer (Pension Protection Fund), Hope Jones (Pension Protection Fund), Humeara Asam (XPS Pensions Group), Iliana Lazarova (Pension Protection Fund), Irama Hasanmire (XPS Pensions Group), Isabel Nurse-Marsh (Pinsent Masons), Ivet Frago-Plana (XPS Pensions Group), Izzy Reynolds (Pension Protection Fund), Jackie Campbell (Reckitt Benckiser), Jacqui Woodward (Stoneport), Jane Galvin (Barnett Waddingham), Janine Wood (ITS), Jasmine John (Willis Towers Watson), Jayesh Patel (Willis Towers Watson), Jelena Croad (Willis Towers Watson), Jemima FitzMorris (Capita), Jen Green (Eversheds Sutherland), Jenna Saville (Buck), Jennifer O'Neill (Aon), Jenny Davies (Aon), Jenny Gibbons (Willis Towers Watson), Jenny Haines (Compass Group Pensions), Jess Tuck (Lane Clark & Peacock), Jessica Cassey (RPMI Railpen), Jessica Horner (Lane Clark & Peacock), Jessica Rigby (Evolve Pensions), Jill Ampleford (Lane Clark & Peacock), Jill Galvin (Universities Superannuation Scheme), Jillian Pegrum (Aon), Jo Cole (Teachers' Pension), Jo Nicholson (EY), Jo Phillips (Nest), Joanna Carter (Mercer), Joanna Sharples (Aon), Joanna Smith (Sackers), Joanna Wilcox (Willis Towers Watson), Joanne Coan (Legal & General), Joanne Nelder (Barnett Waddingham), Joanne Rees (Willis Towers Watson), Joanne Segars (Now Pensions/LGPS Central), Johanna Nelson (Punter Southall), Jonet Dunmore (Cadent Gas), Judith Anunda (Lincoln Pensions), Judith Fish (Dalriada Trustees), Julia Yates (2020 Trustees), Julie Murphy (NHS Business Services Authority), Julie Richards (Walgreen Boots Alliance), Julie Stewart (Broadstone), Juliet Bayne (Brodies), Jyothi Binu (XPS Pensions Group), Kareen McDonagh (Spence & Partners), Karen Heaven (Redington), Karen McWilliam (Aon), Karen Mumgaard (Eversheds Sutherland), Karen Perumal (Barnett Waddingham), Karen Sloan (XPS Pensions Group), Karen Tilford (Willis Towers Watson), Karen Wright (Hymans Robertson), Karina Resko Kajelova (Smart Pension), Kate Bailey (Squire Patton Boggs), Kate Cassidy (Dalriada Trustees), Kate Cullen (XPS Pensions Group), Kate Guthrie (Border to Coast Pensions Partnership), Kate Hardingham (Ross Trustees), Kate Rickards (Pictet Asset Management), Kate Ross (Smart Pension), Kate Sinclair (Hymans Robertson), Kath Bedford (Hays), Kath Patel (Aon), Katherine Dye (Isio), Katherine Easter (Pension Protection Fund), Katherine Sidders (CMS), Kathryn Fleming (Hymans Robertson), Kathryn Koch (Goldman Sachs Asset Management), Katie Millard (CMS), Keeley Rickwood (Universities Superannuation Scheme), Kelly Bone (Mercer), Kelly Hurren (Aon), Kevti Roopnarain (Smart Pension), Kim Farnum (Willis Towers Watson), Kinna Patel (Hymans Robertson), Kirstan Ferris (Hymans Robertson), Kirsteen Morrison (XPS Pensions Group), Kirsty Maginn (English Football League), Kirsty Moffat (Hymans Robertson), Kristina Morrison (Redington), Laasya Shekaran (Lane Clark & Peacock), Laetitia Anstee-Parry (Lane Clark & Peacock), Lana Ogunleye (Russell Investments), Lana Watson (Willis Towers Watson), Lara Edmonston-West (Kempen), Laura Andrikopoulos (Hymans Robertson), Laura Aukolls (Lane Clark & Peacock), Laura Best (Equiniti), Laura Brook (Eversheds Sutherland), Laura Clarke (CMS), Laura Higgins (Isio), Laura Joyce (Buck), Laura Michie (LGPS Central), Laura Moore (Spence & Partners), Laura Myers (Lane Clark & Peacock), Laura Pelmear (XPS Pensions Group), Laura Pertile (Just Group), Lauren Ford (Kellogg's), Lauren Holden (Broadstone), Lauren Maguire (Isio), Lauren Ramsey (Aon), Lauren Youd (Isio), Lea Dubourg-Hrachovec (Pension Protection Fund), Leah Butt (Cardano), Leanne Ferreira (XPS Pensions Group), Lee Georgs (Redington), Lia Licietis (Lane Clark & Peacock), Lindsay Pentland (Spence & Partners), Lisa Harries (2020 Trustees), Lisa Purdy (Legal & General Investment Management), Lisa Whitfield (Hymans Robertson), Lisa Young-Harry (HSBC), Liz Loosemore (Broadstone), Lorna Stewart Hussey (Willis Towers Watson), Lorraine Porter (Lane Clark & Peacock), Louise Chalkley (Hymans Robertson), Louise Ellisdon (Just Group), Louise Howard (Universities Superannuation Scheme), Louise Liang (Hymans Robertson), Lucy Baker (Hymans Robertson), Lucy Cresswell (Barnett Waddingham), Lydia Fearn (Capita), Lyn McCreadie (Lane Clark & Peacock), Lynda Whitney (Aon), Lynn Housecroft (Squire Patton Boggs), Lynne Rawcliffe (Baker Hughes), Magda Kania (Capita), Malwina Strugala (Hymans Robertson), Mandeep Dhaliwal (XPS Pensions Group), Mandy McCulloch (Scottish Widows), Maria Bough (Kellogg's), Maria Calle Barrado (Redington), Maria Nazarova-Doyle (Scottish Widows), Maria Ryan (HSBC), Marion Maloney (Environment Agency Pension Fund), Martine Trouard-Riolle (Capital Cranfield), Mary Ann Hogan (Universities Superannuation Scheme), Mary Cahani (Russell Investments), Mary Spencer (Lane Clark & Peacock), Megan Davies (CMS), Megan Nethercott (Broadstone), Megan Thorogood (CMS), Melanie Munro (Pension Protection Fund), Melissa Marks (Russell Investments), Memento Charinga (Legal & General Investment Management), Michael Ambery (Hymans Robertson), Michele Hirons-Wood (UK Power Networks), Michelle Burke-Pearce (Wealthify), Michelle Darracott (Smart Pension), Michelle Pryde (2020 Trustees), Mihaela Celmare (Buck), Miriam Lindsay (Cardano), Molly Tinker (Willis Towers Watson), Mouna Kulcsar (Isio), Nabila Zine Filali (Russell Investments), Naomi L'Estrange (2020 Trustees), Natalia Dinischiotu (Willis Towers Watson), Natalie Beardwell (Redington), Natalie Brain (Lane Clark & Peacock), Natalie Leaver (JP Morgan), Natalie Pike (The Pension Solution Group), Natalie Winterfrost (Law Debenture), Nathalie Sims (Lane Clark & Peacock), Nell Mcrae (Hymans Robertson), Niamh Gannon (Isio), Nicola Oldridge (XPS Pensions Group), Nicola Pym (Hymans Robertson), Nicola van Dyk (Willis Towers Watson), Nicola Walker (STM Group), Nuala Hedges (Barnett Waddingham), Olivia Buah (Lane Clark & Peacock), Oritsema Ejuoneatse (DLA Piper), Orla Parkin (3173 Group), Parminder Latimer (Gunnercooke), Patricia Sharman (CACEIS), Paula Champion (Isio), Pearl Belcher (The Pension Solution Group),  Philippa Allen (Aon), Priscilla Kavule (Lane Clark & Peacock), Qiongzhi Hu (Lincoln Pensions), Rachael Fortescue (Inside Pensions), Rachel Croft (ITS), Rachel Elwell (Border to Coast Pensions Partnership), Rachel Markland (Isio), Rachel Meadows (Broadstone), Rachel Pegrum (Barnett Waddingham), Rachel Titchen (Hymans Robertson), Rashree Chhatrisha (Saga), Rebecca Barton (XPS Pensions Group), Rebecca Mazur (XPS Pensions Group), Rebecca Sheppard (Willis Towers Watson), Rebecca Shevill (AXA), Rebecca Wyncoll (Russell Investments), Rebekah Boddy (Barnett Waddingham), Rita Butler-Jones (Legal & General Investment Management), Robert Bass (Isio), Robyn Smith (Broadstone), Roisin McGuire (Barnett Waddingham), Roisin O'Shea (Rothesay), Rona Train (Hymans Robertson), Rose Fell (Barnett Waddingham), Rosie Fantom (Barnett Waddingham), Rosie Marsh (Barnett Waddingham), Rosy Lowe (Isio), Rowan Howard (Slaughter & May), Rowan Wheatman (Hymans Robertson), Roxanne Andrews (RPMI Raiplen), Rui An Lau (Isio), Ruth Ward (Mercer), Sally Maddocks (Barnett Waddingham), Samantha Brown (Herbert Smith Freehills), Samantha Gould (Now Pensions), Samantha Pitt (Law Debenture), Samantha Seaton (Moneyhub), Samantha Steele (Russell Investments), Sanpreet Aujla (Isio), Sara Bruck (Capita), Sara Cook (Barnett Waddingham), Sara Miceli-Fagrell (Universities Superannuation Scheme), Sarah Burke (XPS Pensions Group), Sarah Henderson (Willis Towers Watson), Sarah Jane Burns (Border to Coast Pensions Partnership), Sarah Miller (Redington), Sarah Popplestone (XPS Pensions Group), Sarah Seear (Pension Protection Fund), Sarah Tolson (Punter Southall), Sarita Gosrani (XPS Pensions Group), Shanu Ghai (PwC), Sharon Bellingham (Scottish Widows), Sharon Edey (JP Morgan), Sharon Johal (LGPS Central), Shayala McRae (Lane Clark & Peacock), Shelley Jeffery (XPS Pensions Group), Shelly Beard (Willis Towers Watson), Shevonne McLarnon (Scottish Widows), Shireen Anisuddin (Hymans Robertson), Shirley Brown (Hymans Robertson), Shreya Hanglin (Aon), Shriti Jadav (Willis Towers Watson), Sian Dance (XPS Pensions Groups), Sian Jones (Equiniti), Sim Kaur (PwC), Simone Macmillan-Binns (GE), Sophie Ash (Isio), Sophie Carter (Lane Clark & Peacock), Sophie Harris (RPMI Railpen), Sophie Lomax (Nest), Sophie Slight (XPS Pensions Group), Sophie Tennison (XPS Pensions Group), Sorca Kelly-Scholte (JP Morgan), Sorcha Derkx-Mullan (Hyman Robertson), Stacey Presly (Castell Wealth Management), Stef Holmes (Willis Towers Watson), Stella Chaplin (Atkins), Stella King (XPS Pensions Group), Stephanie Cole (XPS Pensions Group), Stephanie Martin (Isio), Stephanie Owen (Aon), Sue Foley (Barnett Waddingham), Sue Pemberton (Premier), Sue Tye (Baker McKenzie), Suman Sidhu (Lane Clark & Peacock), Susan Martin (LGPS Central), Susan Smith (Capita), Suzanne Vaughan (Willis Towers Watson), Suzanne Willshire (House of Fraser), Suzi Lowther (Punter Southall), Tanya Castell (Border to Coast Pensions Partnership), Tess Page (Mercer), Tina Kripps (Willis Towers Watson), Tracey Smith (Capita), Tracy Liu (Lincoln Pensions), Uzma Nazir (Pension Insurance Corporation), Vanessa Emens (Lincoln Pensions), Vanessa Hodge (Mercer), Venetia Trayhurn (Law Debenture), Vicky Gardner (XPS Pensions Group), Vicky Mullins (XPS Pensions Group), Victoria Barron (BT Pension Scheme), Victoria Jeacock (Squire Patton Boggs), Victoria Mance (CMS), Victoria Myers (Legal & General Investment Management), Victoria Panormo (Hymans Robertson), Victoria Richards (Pension Protection Fund), Victoria Smith (Lane Clark & Peacock), Victoria Timlin (Universities Superannuation Scheme), Vikki Sutcliffe (Willis Towers Watson), Vini Sharma (Isio), Zaynab Bhamjee (Isio), Zeenat Chady (Isio), Zoe Burdo (Lane Clark & Peacock), Zoe Taylor (Redington).

The organisational category nominees are as follows:

Aon, Barnett Waddingham, BlueBay Asset Management, Border to Coast Pensions Partnership, CMS, Eversheds Sutherland, Isio, ITS, Lane Clark & Peacock, LGPS Central, Phoenix Group, RBC Global Asset Management, Redington, Squire Patton Boggs, Travers Smith, Willis Towers Watson, XPS Pensions Group, 2020 Trustees, 3173 Group.

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