Webinar on-demand: The value for money conundrum

Panel including Steve Webb and Ros Altmann debated key questions on value for money

Jonathan Stapleton
clock • 1 min read

Yesterday, The Pensions Regulator (TPR) and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) confirmed plans to develop common measurements to compare value for money (VfM).

The regulators said a common approach across the industry "should allow access to consistent data on investment performance, costs and charges and service standards".

A Professional Pensions webinar at 11am today (25 May) - held in conjunction with Cushon - discussed VfM, asked what value means and how we can make sure that schemes are delivering for members.

Our panel of experts - including Baroness Ros Altmann, Sir Steve Webb, Ben Pollard and Julianna Oladipo - debated some of the burning questions around this such as the extent to which improving member experience can boost VfM; whether consolidation can help deliver value for members; if the market is too focused on winning over employers to the detriment of members; and does lower cost always mean better value.

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