Industry Voice: 'Simply cleaning up our emissions footprint is not enough'

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Industry Voice: 'Simply cleaning up our emissions footprint is not enough'

There are huge opportunities as we transition away from our wasteful economy, says Thomas Hohne-Sparborth

"If we look at the amount of resource extraction and the adverse impact of that on the environment, I think that today some of these economic models are essentially hollowing themselves out from within."

That's the view of Thomas Hohne-Sparborth, head of sustainability research at Lombard Odier Investment Managers, who adds: "It's an economy that is wasteful, idle, lopsided and dirty. We call it the WILD economy."

It's a blunt assessment, but that firm belief in the need for fundamental change is informing Lombard Odier's work. Instead, Hohne-Sparborth argues that we should be moving to the CLICTM economy - one that is circular, lean, inclusive and clean.

"We talk a lot about climate change, and it's a key challenge, but it's by no means the only challenge that we face," he says. "We need to move towards a more inclusive economy, and when it comes to environmental dimensions, simply cleaning up our emissions footprint is not enough.

"We need to reduce our extraction from the environment and reduce our waste flows into it, all of which creates greater circularity and a more resource-efficient economy."

Hohne-Sparborth adds: "We're seeing huge investment opportunities linked to this transition to the CLICTM economy, both in the transitioning industries and those companies that are actually enabling that transition."

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