The top 20 opinion articles of 2019

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What were some of the most read opinion pieces on Professional Pensions over the last 12 months? We look at some of the top articles from our commentators during the year.

1) Why pensions considerations are moving up the agenda

The collapse of Thomas Cook shows how company boards must give greater attention to how pay and dividends contrast to pension scheme contributions, says Stephen Richards.

2) Are we heading for a capacity crisis in admin - or are we already there?

With schemes facing more administration tasks than ever, it is important the industry attracts new talent to help with potential capacity problems, says Kim Gubler

3) David Fairs: Why we're pushing schemes out of the market

The regulator is looking to accelerate the consolidation of pension schemes. David Fairs explains why

4) How TPR is managing master trust exits

Master trust authorisation will see a significant number of schemes exit the market. Nicola Parish explains how TPR is overseeing this process

5) Woodford debacle is chance for pensions to shine

Trustees should seize the opportunity to engage and educate members about their investment choices, says Henry Tapper

6) Opperman: The SFGB will transform pensions and protect savers

The pensions minister says the new guidance body will help younger generations become the savvy savers of tomorrow

7) Remember, remember the 10th of December…

Trustees risk leaving their scheme ungovernable if they do not get in place strategic objectives for investment advisers, warns John Paterson

8) David Fairs: Can sole trustees govern pensions effectively?

TPR's David Fairs explores the role of sole trustees, outlines some of the regulator's concerns and calls for evidence from the industry

9) What GMP conversion guidance will mean for schemes

GMP conversion guidance is expected imminently, but what will it mean for schemes? Maurice Titley looks at the next steps for trustees

10) Insurers are letting down small DB schemes

Without specialist help, smaller DB schemes are being left behind in a bulk annuity market increasingly focused on mega-deals, says Rob Dales

11) Guy Opperman: The pension schemes bill will bring the industry into the 21st Century

With a raft of changes mapped out, pensions minister Guy Opperman says reforms will place customers at their core

12) Robin Ellison: Why we must ‘strenuously resist' TPR's demand for more cash

The volume of regulation and the cost of regulators has risen sharply over the past decade. Robin Ellison asks if it is time for a rethink

13) Plans for transfer rules undermine freedoms

Requiring pension freedoms users to transfer their funds into a workplace pension scheme could damage savings further, says Baroness Ros Altmann

14) Maybe ‘pot follows member' wasn't such a bad idea after all

It is time to reconsider this potential solution to the plethora of fragmented pots, says Sir Steve Webb

15) Brexit may turn out to be an oddly golden era for pensions

Robin Ellison says the one great advantage of the Brexit experience has been the inability of government to pass much new legislation affecting pensions

16) TPR: Why granting master trusts authorisation extensions makes good sense

The regulator has granted extensions to 11 master trusts. Kim Brown explains why this is a positive move

17) Demolishing the tax structure

Any changes to pensions taxation must be deliberate, planned and controlled, with a clear end objective in mind, says Richard Butcher

18) NHS pensions - diagnosis and treatment

Doctors suffering from pension tax ailments should consider seeking financial advice rather than self-treating symptoms, write Moira Warner, as she considers various ways to deal with the NHS pensions conundrum

19) Robin Ellison: The dangers of over-professionalising trusteeship

Robin Ellison explains why lay trustees continue to have an essential part to play in trusteeship, despite the regulatory drive towards professionalisation.

20) Retirement living standards will help savers picture their future

The retirement living standards must be widely adopted by schemes to help millions of savers truly understand how to achieve the retirement lifestyle they desire, says Nigel Peaple.

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